©2019 by Lisa Maley


I know what it's like to get an audition in the middle of your busy day, scramble to find a coach who's free, then waste time in traffic to get the support you need. I want to make booking and coaching easy so you can relax and focus on what matters - your acting.


Acting is subjective.  There is no one right way to do it.  Every time I have booked a job it was because I trusted my gut and did it my way instead of the way I thought it "should" be. I want to create a collaborative coaching experience where you can learn to trust yourself.


There's so much disempowering information out there for us as actors. Listening to it can erode our self-worth, which stalls our career. I believe the only way to have career longevity is to cultivate a confident, positive mindset around the entire audition process. So I offer "Post-Audition Recaps" - a time to regroup, let go of any negativity, and feel confident about your next audition. 


The only constant is change, and that's especially true in Hollywood. I know that that the more I am continually innovating - as an actor and as a coach - the more tools I have to support you on your journey as a working actor.


My experience includes extensive training, coaching, teaching at conservatories, and acting in TV and film myself.  After I obtained my MFA in Acting from the Moscow Art Theater School at Harvard University, I moved to LA and started coaching and teaching at conservatories (AADA & NYFA)  while building my acting career.  My credits include NCISNCIS: Los AngelesSilicon ValleyBonesThe Young and the Restless, and YouTube premium's first feature film - Bodied - produced by Eminem.